BOTOX Simplified for Normal Women

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

So is Botox, Dysport or other injectables for you? This is a personal decision, but my "non medical related" advice is you should give it a try. I mean, why not? I really do try everything and consider myself the guinea pig to beauty for all my girlfriends and I'm not mad about it.

Contrary to popular belief, once you try injectables, you're not required to keep it up. The injectables I'm discussing here such as Botox or DySport will last about 4-5 months. Once it fades away, you'll return to the same aesthetic look you had prior except with a little additional wrinkle lasting prevention. I say this last part because when you get this stuff injected into your face, you're essentially paralyzing the muscle in those areas which prevents you from forming wrinkles like a furrowed brow, the eyebrow "11", or side eye crow's feet. Each second you're unable to make these wrinkles, you're unable to crease the skin in these areas (since you're kinda like paralyzed there). Repetition of creasing this skin is what leads to wrinkles. Get it? And that's how Botox works my beautiful people. Not to be confused with fillers.

BOTOX/DYSPORT: Paralyze your muscle preventing you from moving and therefore eliminating wrinkles.

FILLERS: Injectables inserted into wrinkles on your face that push and plum out the skin therefore making the wrinkles exert out and lessen. Popular fillers are brand names like Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®

Ok, let's keep moving.

My call to action for you here is to highly consider giving Botox or another brand of injectable a try. Why? Because at the very minimum it will shift your paradigm and open new doors to self care and beauty for you. No matter how secure of a person you are, there's something to be said for maximizing yourself and feeling great. Disclaimer: If you don't have any feels for this statement, then we are not the same and that's okay.

So, before you go running off to your nearest mall Med Spa, here are a few tips to consider. And I learned these the hard way. That's why I'm here writing this article.

  1. Do not run out the door to your nearest Med Spa!

I say the because I did it and I’m still thanking my lucky stars it turned out okay. I’m not at all hating on Med Spa’s here either. They do tend to be quick and easy to book so a lot of us are tempted to go for it, but here are my thoughts. Do your research because well.... this is your freakin face. And although Botox will fade in 4-5 months, you still don’t want to look like a weirdo for that long.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Few who was interviewed last year on one of my favorite podcasts The Beauty Closet :

“Find someone you can trust and that won’t over treat you. Someone conservative”

With that said, do your research and see someone that can display their result photos either on social media or in a portfolio. This is important because whether you decide on Botox, Dysport or any other type of Botulinum Toxin injection, it is still considered artistry and each artist is slightly different. You want to find the person that is not only credible, but also someone you can admire when it comes to their philosophy behind the work. Check out their social media... do they even have a portfolio on social media? And make sure that you really do drink their "brand" so take your time and do your consultations. You’ll know when it’s right so be deliberative here. You went this long without injectables so what's a few extra weeks if needed? And this advice is coming from the most impatient person ever!

2. Be cautious of the Botox Horror Stories. People are Crazy!

If you enjoy digging in and reading everything, you will most likely not get injectables done. The internet is a wonderful tool, but there’s a lot of hypothetical situations that are just extreme and not really true. You’re more likely to be struck by a bolt of lightning that to die from Botox ya know? With that said, I’m a big believer in research and learning about this stuff, but I’m happy to say I didn’t Google it at all before getting it done except to find my closest clinic that could take me within 24 hours.

If you must do your homework then knock yourself out, but to keep things in perspective, remember that the internet is like getting advice from your cranky grandmama. Therefore- kinda jaded.... Focus on finding the right location for you and schedule consultations in person rather than relying only on the internet.

3. Understand a little about Dysport vs. Botox

Okay, I know I said not to do your research, but this is all you really need to know because it can be a little confusing at first.

Both of these injectables achieve the same outcome and really to be honest, it comes down to personal preference. You can research the difference between the two, but you'll find plenty of contradictions and just feel confused by it all. My recommendation is to try both. Many say Dysport is cheaper, however, if purchased during a sale, then Botox can be cheaper (see point #4). According to doctors, Dysport isn't quite as potent and therefore cheaper and more subtle. This has also been said to be false which takes me back to the original point - try both. I'm confident everyone's skin and muscles react slightly different and obviously we have different preferences so you may find you prefer one over the other. In my experience, Botox works better. It seems to have a little more bang to it and for me it feels like it last longer.

4. Be proactive and purchase units ahead of time.

Purchase ahead of time if price is a factor and it kinda should be. I mean who doesn't want to save a buck? If you were to get a moderate beginner amount of Botox/Dysport around all 3 main areas- forehead, eyes and between your brow (also referred to as your "11"), you're looking at anywhere from $300-$700. The pricing really does go across the gamut. Some doctors I've been to have a straight fee of $250 per area. I really don't like this pricing model because what if I only need a smidge between my eyes? Most doctors will charge you per unit.

Below is a VAGUE breakdown of the units

  • Units can vary from $9/unit (on sale) - $18/unit

  • Beginner amounts - 20-40 units

  • You're looking at $360 (purchased on sale) vs. $700+ at regular price

I don't care how rich you are. Money is money. Why not save a few hundred??!!

Be Strategic

Research your doctor

Visit their website

Purchase units on sale ahead of time when possible

Disclaimer: the units do expire so you have to use them eventually. Typically when I purchase, I have about 6 months to use them. But seriously... you don't need to twist my arm to head in for a refresh every 4-5 months.

How to Purchase?

Go to the website of the company you plan to purchase from. My journey to the best of the best for my face has landed me in Nadine's Chair at Costellano Cosemetic Surgery Center. If you're in the Tampa area, I of course recommend going here, but please know- I do not receive any type of compensation or commission for referrals... at least not at this time.

On the website (most places do have a website... if they don't then please refer back to STEP 1 and find a new location) I can purchase my Botox ahead of time at a much cheaper rate if it's on sale which isn't always, but I like to keep an eye on it. To stay up to date - make sure you subscribe to the email list and follow them on social media. Once purchased, the injectables get sent directly to the office and are waiting for you upon arrival.

5. Don't be afraid to stack up your treatments.

Okay so this may be a little extreme on your first visit, but once you get your toe dipped a little in the injectable pool, you're probably going to be interested in other procedures. For me, I enjoy stacking a little filler around my mouth, chin and lips for a total refresh. In additional, I may throw in a little facial or derma-planing to achieve maximum results and increase efficiency since who has day after day to sit in a doctors office?

I also enjoy stacking because it makes me feel amazing when I leave. Below is my current schedule of beauty glows subject to change as I get closer and closer to the BIG 4-0!

  • Every 4-5 months: 30-40 units of Botox (eye corners, between brows and forehead)

  • Every 9-12 Months: The minimum amount of filler around mouth (sorry, I trust my girl and I'm not exactly sure how much I get, but I know it's a very small amount)

+ the Botox listed above will be stacked at this appointment

+ Lip Injections below will be stacked

  • Every 9-12 Months: Lip Injections (filler) in my lips - also the most minimum amount possible even though I'm tempted to get more because the lips are pretty tempting to plump, but I don't want to look like a goof ball

This is an example of what my beauty treatments would look like for the next year. It may be a little neurotic... but I'm a planner and I like to be ready mentally, physically and financially.

For example, you don't want to get derma planing right after Botox (pressure points). This is a way for me to keep it all organized and budget friendly. And if you're not familiar with derma planing- look for an article on it soon. It's incredible. Your entire face basically becomes as soft and smooth as a baby's behind.

Those are my thoughts for now on injectables. I hope each of you are inspired to give it a go if you haven't yet. Beauty is of course only skin deep, but I'm a believer that as women we do our best when we feel confident and we feel confident when we look the best version of us.

I of course believe that we are all beautiful with or without science and surgery. I also believe in investing in yourself. There are not any studies that claiming Botox is a detriment to our health. In my experience, it has taught me the importance of investing in me and taking the best care I possibly can of my body.

Don't be afraid to try new things and if you are inspired to give this a go, please feel free to shoot me over an email. I'd love to hear more about your experience.

"Take Care of your body. It's the only place you have to live" - Jim Rohn

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