How to GLOW UP Mentally!

First of all- what is a mental GLOW-UP?

You can discover a few variations of this definition, but basically it’s a transformation and in my mindset- it’s learning to heal yourself on the inside and letting the outside shine.

There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.

Here are my 5 best tips that we can all embrace to become better.

1. Trust yourself and trust your mistakes.

A GLOWUP isn‘t always about your outside transformation. Your biggest transformation happens on the inside, when you learn how to heal yourself. When you stop spending so much energy hiding your mistakes.

When you finally decide to embrace your real story.

When you shout out your mess ups, your imperfections and you are no longer afraid.

Say it.

Admit it all.

Embrace it all because my beautiful people- These parts are YOU.

They are making you better and it’s teaching you how to thrive in adversity.

2. Know your Why!

A glow up cannot happen and will not be sustained if you’re doing it for revenge or social media or validation. Take some time to reflect on why you want to be better. Are you healing something from your past? Are you ready to be a better version of yourself? Or maybe you’re just ready to take a risk and live your life in a more meaningful way? Take out your journal or your note app and write down your thoughts here.

”What is my why?”

Once you have this. Sum it up in a short phrase. Even if only you understand it. Keep it close to you. Put it as your screen saver, post it over your desk or on a mirror. It has to be available to you without you needing to seek it out.

3. Know who your humans are.

They’ve earned the right to see you and to help you get better. Make yourself vulnerable and seek out their feedback. Then, listen to it.

4. Stay so very curious.

You will not change if you do not gain new perspectives. The best way to do this is to keep learning. Read everything you can. Listen to podcasts, google words, concepts or anything of interest to you just keep getting input. Even a character in a fictional book can create an impact on you. All books are good books. Reading not only gives you a different perspective, it also makes you speak better, write better and hold better conversations.

5. Know that your “Passion” is going to suck a lot!

If you show up to work on your goal in life and it’s hard or boring - that’s how you know it’s going to be worth it! People think that pursuing their passion is fun and engaging and when they do it and find it hard, they think “oh... maybe this isn’t for me” so they quit. They think it should be fun and come easily if it’s truly their passion, but that’s not how this works!

If my passion is to be a published author, but I don’t want to spend the hours every day writing, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be a writer. It only means that if I want it bad enough I’m going to show up and do the writing!

You will make more wrong turns, but it’s okay because you know now.

You know your mistakes make you better.

We will always have problems and we will always make some bad choices because we are SHOWING UP in life.

We’re deciding that being stagnant and comfortable is boring!

To sum up Brene Brown: We’re jumping into the arena and when we show up there - we DO BIG things and we EARN the right to make beautiful mistakes.

So many people like to judge and criticize those of us that jump into life and take risk. They sit in their comfortable and boring lives and make fun of us, but I’ve learned that their opinions on the sidelines do not matter.

They have not earned the right for me to care about their feedback and gossip.

When you join us in the arena, you earn the right to have an opinion. In the arena, opinions are feedback and they come from a place of love, trust and support.

It’s no longer about showing other people how much better you look and seeking validation and approval- it’s about shedding the old you and embracing a better version, a wiser version, a more resilient version of yourself.

So free yourself- heal yourself.

When this glow up happens, you’ve made a true transformation. You’ve JUMPED in.

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