4 Ways Botox Can Change Your Life

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

When people said things like Botox, fillers or any type of facial injectable, I used to think it was extreme. It felt like a procedure out of my scope of normalcy and had a very "real Housewives of Beverly Hills-ish" feel to it and I did not consider myself a part of that realm... like at all.

Botox was something I would do when I was much older! I'm only 38... maybe when I'm ugh... 40... I mean, who am I to attempt a procedure limited to older rich and privileged women? I don't have that kind of time or money nor do I want to have a frozen fish look right?

Here's the thing- we are shaped by our culture, the things we watch on television, the opinions of our family and friends and our own limited experiences. These are our paradigms. They are our perceptions about things we think we understand, but actually know very little about. Paradigms are difficult to shift because we truly think we know our story is the correct one. But paradigm shifts can happen and I have definitely experienced one with Botox in the last year.

A paradigm shift is when you try something different or you happen upon new information about someone or something and it changes how you view it. People in general are too quick to judge things they know nothing about. It's human nature to make assumptions and share them with those close to us and then make more assumptions based off of more incorrect assumptions and so on... before we know it we have a crap storm of wrong expectations, broken dreams and myopic mindsets. Having such limited awareness can really keep us from experimenting with incredible things in this world and I'm gonna say that for me- Botox is on that list. Game changer!

If I had been more open to the benefits of cosmetic procedures like Botox in my late 20's and early 30's, I would've had a preventative care solution started years ago and I can't even imagine how much sooner I could've begun moving my needle.

Botox is what I consider a keystone procedure. Keystone - a term coined in The Power of Habit written by Charles Duhigg’s is described as

“small changes or habits that people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other aspects of their lives.”

Botox as a "keystone" procedure would be the small change we do that introduces us into a new world of possibility for our beauty. It's enough of an investment to catapult us into a better and elevated skin routine such as diligent skin care, staying out of the sun, leveling up our beauty products and an interest in maximizing other parts of our face and body with simple and fast procedures like derma-planing, laser, fillers and the list can really go on and on and become quite overwhelming. Botox can get all of these things in motion. Here's are a few of the important ones we want to focus on. If you''re already doing these things then keep them up! If you're under the age of 30 and you're already doing these things than YOU my friend are seriously getting ahead of the aging process and that's incredible!

  1. Botox Keystone #1 : Encourages you to always wear sunscreen. Like LEGIT every day- Rain or Shine - Summer or Winter - On the Plane- In the Car. Every single day and everywhere.

When my young friends ask me what the ONE thing is they should be doing for skin care, I don't tell them Botox - I say WEAR SUNSCREEN. I educate them on the damage ultra violet rays are doing to their beautiful, young and natural collagen filled faces. The sun is literally wreaking havoc on us from brown spots and wrinkles to lack of glow (fyi- the leather look is not a good look on skin) to the worst outcome being skin cancer.

If you want to take your sunscreen next level and avoid unnecessary chemicals and nano particles being ingested into your lungs which I do recommend because as with everything with me- quality trumps price- I very highly recommend Organic Pharmacy SPF 30 or Vive Sana for the body. I'm also currently obsessed with the Cicapair Tiger Grass for my face. This thick goop goes on greenish and auto corrects redness and protects your skin from sun and other environmental chemicals. I also like to use it on my scars from skin cancer removals on my arms and chest to soften and protect these areas.

Note: This are NOT commissionable links. I do not receive any type of compensation for these recommendations. They are truly products I love and want to recommend.

Although these are pricey, you can do your research on the detriments of sunscreen aerosols and non organic chemicals being put into your bodies and worse- your children's bodies. The last thing I want is to be playing whack-a-mole with health.

2. Botox Keystone #2: Elevates Your Skin Care Routine.

Here's the thing- I'm sure we all have great intentions around a nightly routine, but if a quick scrub of your face in the shower is all you get to then you're missing out on some vital skin benefits and anti aging techniques. Botox will elevate the way you look and you'll WANT to take care of it and make it last since you spent all this money getting it. I LOVE my nightly and morning skin routine. It's my "self care" time to love on myself a little. After I clean my face with a few of my favorite skin wash products- I look forward to sitting down in a space I've created to be luxurious where I can simply love on myself. I invested in a vanity area with great lighting and all my pretty products are lined up waiting for me. Before my investment in Botox, I didn't spend this kind of money or time taking care of my face. This leads me to point #3.

3. Botox Keystone #3: You will want to invest in higher quality skin products.

Not that we need another thing to spend our money on, but as a mom and lover of luxury (within a budget of course) Botox has led me to up my quality of products. If you're going to invest all this money into your skin, why would you want to knock it down by putting cheap and hazardous chemicals on it? Botox has taught me that although I can't undo the years of damage from sun and crappy moisturizers at best- I can fall in love with my routine and enjoy soaking my skin in the nourishment it needs. My favorite part now is the oils. Our skin craves moisture and there's no better way to give it this than to soak yourself in oil. People that live longer and look younger feed themselves quality oils. They consume it in their diet, soak in it for their baths and cover themselves in it for their skin. If you don't believe me- check out research on the "Blue Zones".

Look for more articles to come soon on my oil obsession right now. I can't seem to get enough of it and my skin has never been happier. The idea that you'll look greasy is SO OFF BASE. If you look "greasy" after oils, then you're using them wrong and possibly not using the right ones. More to come on this soon!

4. Botox Keystone #4: You will have the excitement to explore other non invasive treatments to continue elevating yourself.

Here's the thing people- too much of anything great is going to be just too much. No one wants to look like they've had treatments done and a lot of this stuff gets a bad rap because we only notice the people that did too much! The women you know and think they are just

gorgeous could be naturally gorgeous or they could be taking GREAT care of their skin by getting subtle things like Botox, fillers or other procedures. There's so much out there to do that it can be extremely overwhelming, but open the Botox door. It's a really easy and entry level way to build an important relationship with a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or esthetician to start your face care regimen and it makes you comfortable asking the right questions to see what you may be a good candidate for. A relationship with a medical specialist for our care is so important. Having a dermatologist I trust has probably saved my life since I had stage 2 Melanoma (skin cancer) back in 2014. So if Botox can save your life- then let's add it to the list of benefits!

I'm not saying that everyone needs Botox or that we should only care about our looks. Of course, I'm a HUGE believer in self development and I teach development for a living so emotional intelligence and loving yourself on the inside is always going to be my number 1 priority. With that said, I also believe in self care on the outside. When a woman looks her best, she is confident and incredible things start to happen when we have confident women in our world.

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